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When it comes to spreading the word on everything related to motorsports and bets on this sport, we are one of the best sites currently. We do our best to reach all the people who are interested in knowing a little more about how fantastic this world of motorcycles is.

This whole idea started as a passion of our creator Anton Mayo, of observing all the races and knowing all the drivers’ data.

Little by little, this grew into an idea for creating a web page to pass on all that knowledge to people of the entire world and give the sport a broader audience and fanbase to make it more popular. And from that desire, this page emerged.

Motorcycles in the sports world are criticized because it’s said it has many physical risks for the driver or pilot. Yet in motorcycle sports, the different teams ensure that the pilot has a lot of safety, and they comply with all the protective equipment necessary, in order for you not to suffer so much damage in case of a fall.

We set out to clear motorcycle sports’ name, so to speak. Seeking to broaden people’s understanding of how it truly works, how safe it is, how fun it is, and how elaborated the strategies might be, both for driving and betting on it.

In addition to talking about everything related to the news of motorcycles, we offer a section in which we give the best information and recommendations, on bets that can be made and which pilot you can bet on the different races, and the various circuits worldwide.

As an informative page, we make sure everything we publish comes from important, reliable sources. This is why we avoid giving false news, or providing our readers with fake information.

Also, we decided to work with the principal companies organizing races, so that they themselves give us the information, thus ensuring its reliability.

This alliance with racing companies, that are recognized worldwide, such as MotoGP and X Games, has helped us grow as a company and make our content reach more people, in addition to leaving us with the peace of mind of having educated a large number of people, on the sports we are so passionate about.

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